Eaters of the Flesh

Players Fearing Catastrophe, Prepare.

The laid plans of mice and men...

Session Opens and combat is begins in earnest with the strange wizard Allieas he does not violently engage anyone and once made to bleed emitted forth a freakish fountain of blood before falling immediately unconscious. Uttering to the Hammermage: “I’m sorry…” Before his eyes lolled back into this head. The party clapped him in stocks only to be greeted by the better part of a dozen skeletons armed and ready for action rising out of of Allieas blood as it turned color to that of black ichor, or ink. The skeletons rose out of the blood as if climbing from a vast water depth, their bones covered in markings that were burned into the skeletons.

The party did what it did best, and put the hurt to them. After the initial 9 there was a further more grotesque super skeleton that arose from an amalgam of all the broken bones. The players emerged victorious due to the well planned and orchestrated efforts of all three party members. The Hammermage again in the heat of battle was felled by the final dying attack of the last skeleton, but was quickly stabilized.

After searching the house for any possible evidence or further compensation of their duties, the Psionicist found and secreted the only real treasure of a golden quill onto her person. Knowing what the others would say she kept the word to a mum. The Assassin distrusting the magical stain left on the area set fire to the building.

With that the party was back off to Grange. Pushing the horses and themselves well into the nights they made it there in record time. Allieas remained unconscious and in a bizarre state of stasis in the anti-magic stockades. Fearing what could happen should they release him from the stocks in an attempt to allow his clearly magically linked body to heal, the party decided it was better to let the sleeping dog lie. The tattoos on Allieas are identified as magical, but as to what end it is not discovered.

The party decides it wisest to use the properties of the stocks to keep the book in the anti-magic field for the remainder of the journey.

After arriving at Grange the party squared away the formal arrangements with the magistrate and delivered the prisoner to the town garrison where he was locked up. Still having quite a bit of daylight left the party sent the Hammermage out to the local temple to inquire about the book and their prisoner. The Psionicist and the Assassin remained behind with their prisoner standing ever vigilant in the face of possible calamity. At this point the party is unsure who to trust based The Hammermage is met with little success at the church and local mage-in-a-box. As to whether the dwarf or the supposed professionals are to fault in this exchange remains unclear. Though the cleric of the church insisted that the book was no longer magical.

The Assassin after little reported success with the Hammermage followed his keen intuition to find a surprisingly well studied local handy man and mage. Imus Ester. After engaging him in a lengthy discussion of events and situations the assassin manages to gather that

The Book is either -Cursed and now uncurse -Super-Cursed and laying dormant -Sentient and way magical (bad option) -Merely a religious symbol whose invested power has now faded -Drinn’s Hall or Tel Forge would have the best answer for more questions

-Allieas is from the southern continent and is suspected to be a retired Relic Knight. Whom are a secretive sect within the Isador kingdom that were only disbanded a couple decades ago. Hundreds of years old their job was to locate and procure items of immense power for the crown. -Allieas’s ability to bleed skeletons is either evidence of extreme magical potency or an extreme curse. -Allieas will probably heal and come back to life once the field is lifted and the magic surrounding his body is able to function once again -Allieas’s age becomes of suspect. -Allieas some how has an income despite doing nothing.

After thanking and paying his rather exceptionally found lead, the Assassin returned to the group and informed them of the things he’s learning. The Psionicist now reveals the golden quill which is discovered to have the ability to generate one gold coin a day.

The players now decide whether or not to risk taking the stocks off of Allieas. The magistrate said he would be investigated and the trial would later after that. The man is extremely dangerous either on purpose or on accident. But he seems to know something about the book and the strange cannibalistic cultists the party encountered. The Bone Lords are mentioned and there is much excitement and mystery tittering about. Unfortunately for the impatient heroes they only get paid once justice of whatever sort is is done.

Session Ends


Rikaak feels a little more in his element now that he’s in a town with more than one inn, but he’s even more concerned about his payday, given that he’s sunk 80 gold pieces into this venture. Unfortunately, his compatriots are not as fluid, monetarily, as he is, so he’s been providing the needed capital. Despite being in more familiar surroundings, he’s on edge and is on the alert for anything Glognus or Illi might do to queer the deal. Assassins gots to get paid.


See Glognus’ journal entry on <link>Grange</link>. It sums up his experience.


Err. make that [[Grange]].


Third time’s a charm – [[Grange | Grange]]


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