Eaters of the Flesh

Party Seeks Riches Encounters Cultists

Party while journeying from the town of Grange at the behest of the magistrate encounters a caravan ravaged by the attack of goblins and the sort. There is mention of Ogres or something. The resident speaker for the now broken wagons is an excitable fellow who introduced himself as Pacturaldus Randurum. The adventurers agree to help retrieve kidnapped people in exchange for money.

The Psionicist and Hammermage notice green blood-like magic hand prints on the wagons. Something is staining the fabric of the magical realm.

After a small encounter with an easily dispatched force in the wilds party makes its way to the camp seemingly lead by the now confirmed Ogre with a now confirmed nasty looking club. The party arrives in time to see the Ogre sitting down to a dinner that consists of a live human captive. Three bizarre looking men sit at the ogres side. They are ghoulishly thin and whiter than driven snow. Their eyes are sunken and shifty, they have been ritualistically mutilated with scars and piercings in their flesh. They wear tatters of black leather clothing. They seem to stir in their seats.

Battle ensues, crazy weird dudes distend their mouths magically and seem to draw their powers from there, so far it has been thematically green. They have been dubbed by Hammermage Shadowmaw Priests. Not out of expert opinion, he just finds the name suiting to what they do. DM fears this name may become player favorite over their actual given titles.

END FIRST SESSION (battle in progress)

Edit: In my classic style of messing up my own names. Thats Pacteraldus not dums.


Super fun intro into the game, very much enjoyed trying out these characters in combat, also enjoyed the roleplaying. Rick really has found Glognus’s voice, especially.

Pacturaldums was crazy, you can tell he set this whole thing up.


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